What is process of admission ?

Download Admission form from our website otherwise collect form from school and submitted with required documents.

Do we have a library?

Yes we do have a Library. Children have a Library period and even in regular School hours if they complete their written work they have been given books to read.

When can I submit an application?

Applications are accepted starting in November for the following school year

What are the modes of transport offered?

An extensive multi route bus facility is offered by the school. Each bus has a lady attendant, conductor and trained driver in the bus. Your safety is our main concern.

What kind of infrastructure and facilities will be provided by the schools?

State of the art infrastructure is provided in all of our schools. Each school classroom is equipped with projectors and visualizers to make learning interesting. Computer labs with brand new computers, fully equipped library, science labs, first aid room are also present in the schools.

A ground will be there where students can play a number of sports. An optional Canteen facility is also present in the school.

How would you help students improve on their English communication skills ?

  • Extra classes (after school hours) are organized in which english is given emphasis.
  • Various technologies are introduced into the classrooms that help the student in learning English.
  • Students are encouraged to only talk in English in School.